OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME To get the more runs than the opposition. Prior to the start of the match the host will call the two captains aside for the toss, which is done through 'Paper, Scissors, Rock!' The winner of the toss will decide if their team fields or kicks first. During the start of each quarter, the teams swap between fielding & kicking.

THE GAME The game will be played in two (2) eighteen (18) minute halves and will consist of multiple innings within that half. There will be a few minutes break in between halves.

INNINGS An inning will end when there are three (3) outs or 6 runs are scored.

THE FIELD The field is set up in a diamond shape, similar to a baseball field. This will depend on your venue and field available. 

THE TEAM The number of players required on the field is between six (6) and ten (10). Each fielding team will have (1) ‘Pitcher’, (1) ‘Keeper’  who guards the ‘Home Base’ and the rest will be fielders who are in the field of play and have the ability to guard the remaining bases.

START OF PLAY The ‘Pitcher’ rolls the ball underarm towards the home plate, the player who is kicking then attempts to kick the ball. The kicking team kicks in order the whole quarter. If you were up last, the player next in line kicks first the next quarter.

No taps or buts are allowed and no backwards kicking, all kicking attempts must be in front of the home base.

Once the player kicks the ball they must attempt to run to the next base without getting out, the main objective is to get to ‘Home Base’.


  • The ball is caught in the air.
  • If the runner is tagged with the ball by a fielder whilst they are not touching a base. The ball is not to be thrown at players above waist height, and not from a close range. If they are within a few metres of the player they can be tagged only.
  • If the ball is thrown and caught by a fielder that is touching a base, and by the ‘Keeper’ whilst touching ‘Home Base’. 

A few things to remember:

  • There is no ‘one hand, one bounce’ rule.
  • If the ball is kicked out of the boundary on the full, all players can only advance 1 base.
  • Players already in field cannot leave their base until the kicker has kicked the ball.
  • Fielders need to leave room on the base for runners to touch. They cannot guard and stand fully on the base, only 1 foot can be touching.
  • If the kicker is caught out, the remaining players in field can only attempt to reach the next base (no more than 1 base). Fielders can attempt to get these players out also.

WINNING THE GAME A team gets one point for every runner that passes the ‘Home Base’. Once you have made it home or have gotten out, you must go to the end of the kicking line.

Note that the above details are generic Kickball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.