Covid Clean Policy

The ACT is currently in lockdown due to Covid-19. Urban Rec decide to run our leagues based on the Public Health Order’s provided by the ACT Government and ACT Health

All our leagues are currently paused. If you are currently playing or registered in our leagues your league will recommence as soon as we are allowed by the ACT Government. You can find our refund and credit policies here. 

Our spring seasons are currently open for registration. We can’t guarantee the start dates of our spring seasons, we are hopeful that they will be able to start on the proposed dates. If the current restrictions are lengthened, league start dates will be moved back. All games will still be played. 

We recommend using deposits for our spring leagues. If spring leagues are delayed beyond 4 weeks due to Covid-19 restrictions your team will be able to request a full refund of your deposit. 

We have a blog we consistently update with up-to-date information on the current Covid situation. You can read it here

Urban Rec Australia is committed to providing our members with timely, evidence-based information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) that recognises the unique concerns and context associated with social sport.

Our Urban Rec Australia COVID Clean Action Plan is a tool guiding ‘how’ and ‘when’ social sport will be reintroduced in order to have Urban Rec member safety at the foundation.  Decisions regarding the timing of the resumption of sporting activities will be made in accordance with the federal, state/territory and local public health authorities.

Urban Rec Australia recognizes that flexibility may be necessary to accommodate and respond to changes in community transmission rates, and any associated changes in directives from public health authorities.  Urban Rec Australia acknowledges that localized outbreaks may require a restriction on social sports activities; and/or that the detection of a positive COVID-19 case will result in a standard public health response, which could include a quarantine of a whole team or large group.  Urban Rec Australia’s priority is to preserve public health by minimizing the risk for community transmission within social sports.

Urban Rec Australia has taken the following steps during the break to ensure we can return to social sports with member safety as the top priority:

  • Development of COVID Clean Fact Sheet
  • UR HQ disinfecting and cleaning of all equipment, including balls, cones, flags, etc
  • Restock of all sanitary and hygiene supplies for each kit to meet general hygiene measures
  • Communication with venues to ensure general hygiene standards are being met by our partner venues
  • Review of policies to update for post-COVID social sports life (see below)
  • Development of a member education plan COVID clean style

Once given the green light to resume sports, there are 2 levels by which Urban Rec Australia will be reintroducing social sports = Level B and Level C.  Regardless of the level, the suggestion is to have (1) a ‘get in – play – get out’ mentality, thereby minimizing unnecessary contact in communal areas at the sports venue; and (2) limit those present to the minimum required to support social sports.  Urban Rec Australia will be working closely with the venues to ensure precautions are taken to minimize risk to our members.

LEVEL B [Equivalent ACT Stage 1 & 2]

LEVEL C [Equivalent ACT Stage 2.2 & 3] Current


  • Max 10 people total (9 players + 1 Event Host)
  • Non-contact sport (no touching, tagging or close defending)
  • Full social sport activity
  • No limit on group size
  • Facility may dictate when we are allowed to return to play


  • ‘Get in – play – get out’
  • COVID Clean Fact Sheet for equipment and facilities
  • Hand sanitizer on entry & exit to game
  • Hand sanitizer available during game
  • Encourage social distancing where possible (1.5m separation)
  • Encourage players to not loiter before/after games
  • Continue hand hygiene and cleaning measures as per Level B
  • Encourage players to not loiter before/after games


  • No spectators
  • Maintain social distancing guidelines when on the sidelines

Urban Rec Australia has updated a few policies to comply with post-COVID social sports life.  Below are summary changes to our policies:

  • All subs MUST have a current Urban Rec member profile, with an updated waiver and code of conduct
  • All subs MUST be on the team roster prior to the game commencing
  • All teams MUST nominate a team color prior to the season with their League Manager, and must show up in that team color teach week. 
  • Urban Rec Australia will not be providing any bibs at games.

Urban Rec Australia puts our member safety at utmost priority.  We have a ‘track and trace procedure,’ in case there is a positive test for COVID-19 for one of the members that is playing with us.  All players must be current Urban Rec members.  Urban Rec Australia staff will be checking prior to games that players playing are actually Urban Rec members.  It has been strongly recommended that all Urban Rec members have the COVID safe app.  In the event that a member playing with Urban Rec Australia tests positive, we ask that person to do their due diligence and notify Urban Rec Australia as soon as possible, so the following steps can be taken as soon as possible:

  • Urban Rec Australia member notifies Urban Rec Australia HQ that they have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Urban Rec Australia HQ to ask that the member contact ACT Health
  • Urban Rec Australia HQ to notify staff members present on the night
  • Urban Rec Australia HQ to notify the entire league that there was a member who tested positive and include the time frame during which that member would have been present at the venue
  • Urban Rec Australia HQ to notify any other leagues that individual may be playing in

During all communication, confidentiality and privacy will be maintained so as to not share personal information.

Resources = Australian Institute of Sport, Australia Olympic Committee, Australia Public Health & NSW Health