Work with Urban Rec

We are presently looking for Event Hosts for our upcoming leagues. Event Hosts get to be a special part of our Urban Rec team, and are influential and integral in helping to make our leagues better! There is a large selection of locations/nights of league play to choose from. EH roles are paid and come with some great perks!

What do EVENT HOSTS do?

Event Hosts roles and responsibilities are to supervise and monitor play in our leagues and tournaments. Our Event Hosts facilitate a positive and social atmosphere in all of our activities. You must be outgoing, social and energetic. You must know your sport really well (or willing to learn & nail the rules), and feel confident in teaching the rules, and in most cases have access to carry a kit bag with gear. 

Most Event Hosts work one night per week per season (although some work 2 or more nights). For every season that you host, you receive a free night of play in one of our other leagues! Each league is night-specific; for example, this means that you would work 3-4 hours each Monday for a Monday league for the duration of the league. Most leagues run 8-12 weeks depending on the weather and anticipated rainouts.

We encourage our participants to Event Host a sport they are very familiar with. Event Hosts may not play on the same night that they work on. 


  • Setting up equipment as needed
  • Organizing teams and starting matches on time
  • Ensuring schedules, stats and scores are recorded each night
  • Be an ambassador for Urban Rec at your venue
  • Make announcements about upcoming events before the start of each session
  • Interact with participants and ensure that they are having a great experience!


  • Be influential in league decisions, and creating a better experience
  • One free night of league play for every night of event hosting (concurrent season)
  • Get paid to workout, and meet new people
  • Free official Urban Rec apparel and sponsor swag
  • Priority registration for your team
  • Free or reduced entry to most Urban Rec events
  • Meet 1000's of fun, social, active people!


We are recruiting for our next season now! 

Weekday leagues start between 6pm and 8pm and last 2 to 5 hours. No leagues end after 11 pm. 

Please Note: You must be over 18 to work with Urban Rec.

  • Fill out the below form – it might help you decide if this role is for you!.
  • If you are already an Urban Rec member, chat with one of our staff on any of our league nights.