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Flash Week Terms and Conditions

June 30, 2020 - 11 days ago

To celebrate the recommencement of sport, we are hosting an online celebration. Introducing FLASH WEEK – For 1 week only, all of our leagues are $100 off TEAM REGISTRATIONS. BOOOOOM!! 

So...let us explain what that means for YOUThere are a few situations you may fall into.

  1. Pay a team fee in FULL during Flash Week = amazing; $100 off regular team fee
  2. My team has paid a DEPOSIT already = sweet...if you pay the remaining BALANCE during Flash Week, you’ll get $100 off the regular team fee. 
  3. My team pays a deposit during Flash Week = two options...if you pay the remaining BALANCE during Flash Week, you’ll get $100 off the regular team fee.  If you do NOT pay the remaining balance during Flash Week, the balance will be the normal team fee.

Other T&C’s

  • Flash week = 1/7/2020 till 8/7/2020. 
  • This sale is not applicable to individual players. (Team registrations only). 
  • All team registration prices will be automatically adjusted online to include the discount, you simply need to pay in this timeframe. Prices will increase back to normal after 8/7/2020. 

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions, as we have all the answers your heart may desire.  We are so excited to see you all on the court, field, or pitch soon! <3

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Covid-19 Daily Update
May 14

Covid-19 Daily Update

May 14, 2020 - 2 months ago

We completely understand that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing concern and uncertainty among everyone. We are diligently following the advice of Department of Health (Australian Government) and ACT Health and Australian Institute of Sport  as to new measures we should take.

This blog post will be updated PERIODICALLY to ensure our members have the necessary information they need ABOUT URBAN REC LEAGUES AND EVENTS. 

Updated Monday June 15, 2020 at 12noon

On Friday June 12, the news we have all been waiting for was delivered by the ACT Government. From June 19 community sports can return to full-contact training or light contact competition providing distancing and venue number restrictions are followed. 

This paves the way for our summer seasons to return to play from this Sunday. All of our social leagues are non-contact and we can adhere to the social distancing guidelines and number limits at all of our venues. As we had already been planning for a return to sport at stage 2.2 you may have already seen your schedule is updated for a start next week. If your schedule hadn’t been updated it was due to venue confirmation, with this news we can now move forward with finalising our return in these last few venues. 

All Summer players will receive an email on Tuesday with all the info on their remaining games, our new COVID rules, and requirements etc. 

This also gives us solid start dates for our comeback seasons, with all the time we’ve had to plan, our comeback seasons will be the most fun seasons we have ever run. All our comeback seasons are open for team and individual registrations!

We’ve been waiting a long time for this news (88 days to be exact). We can’t wait to get back, we can’t wait to see you again, we can’t wait to bring back social, fun, sport to our community. 

See you next week, 

The team at Urban Rec

Updated Tues May 28, 2020 at 3pm

Canberra has come to the party (kinda) and smashed isolation and social distancing. We haven’t seen any new Covid cases over the past few weeks and we are starting to get out and about a little more now government restrictions are being eased. 

Earlier this week information about a return to sport from the ACT Government was released, we misinterpreted “social sport will be returning with minimal contact”, to mean that we would be able to return to Social Sports as of this weekend.. After clarification from ACT Sport And Recreation, this is unfortunately not the case participants still need to be 1.5m apart at all times. Which means we cannot yet return. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, The ACT Government has released guidelines on the next phase of a return to sport and a start date. We are using these dates as a guideline as to when we will be able to resume our paused Summer seasons. This predicted return to sport date is June 19th, we are now working with our venues to confirm proposed start dates. 

We are also super excited to say that under the current restrictions we are able to resume our Summer Beach Volleyball League on Sunday May 31. It may be a little cooler, but we don’t think the cold will be able to temper our excitement. 

Despite not being able to go ahead at full capacity, we have however been given the go ahead to use a few of our venue bookings for training purposes. This means whilst we can’t get back to leagues just yet, we have designed some pretty cool, skills, drills and fitness sessions if you are interested in getting some sport in. You can find out more here. 

If you are looking for something to do for the next few weeks until sports start back our Sunday night e-leagues start on May 31. You can find out more here

If you haven’t already filled it out our Member Surveyis still up. Tell us what you love and what we can improve on for your chance to win $150 rebel voucher. 

These new dates mean we have had to reassess our start dates for our comeback seasons. If you are registered for a comeback season you will receive an email from us over the coming days with more info. 

We will be in touch with your team in the coming days with more info on the resumption of your Summer Season. 

We are bouncing off the walls with excitement to get back into sport we hope you are too. 

The team at Urban Rec Canberra 

Updated Tues May 26, 2020 at 3:30pm

SPORT IS BACK- Today, after 63 days of no sport, The ACT Government has announced social sport in groups of under 20 can be played from Saturday May 30. We are working with our venues to get our sports back as soon as possible. We will be in contact with all teams playing in our paused summer seasons and registered for our comeback season in the next couple of days, once we have clarity from our venues. 

Updated Thu 14 May, 2020 at 12noon

THU 14 MAY –  MON 25 MAY (LEAGUES CONTINUOSLY PAUSED): Urban Rec continues to pause all leagues and events at this time.Recent goverment announcements have started to lift restrictions. In ACT we are moving to  stage 1 from Friday May 15, 2020. Stage 1 still restricts community sport from operating, though sports training for groups of under 10 in outdoor areas is permitted. The goverment is set to review the progress of Stage 1 in coming weeks. At that time, if we do move to stage 2, we will be able to commence leagues with obvious restictions and updates to our policies, including the introduction of a new Covid Clean Policy.

We are also following the Australian Institute of Sport Framework for Rebooting Sport which follow stages A. B and C as a guildine for individual sporting codes. 

Our Comeback seasonal start dates have been adjusted with these time frames in mind, with most of this season starting in July to allow enough time for our currently paused seasons to commence and finish. If you have any questions about your teams situation, please send us an email. 

Updated Wed 1 April, 2020 at 7am

WED 1 APRIL – THU 14 MAY (LEAGUES CONTINUOSLY PAUSED): Todays announcement should come as no suprise that leagues continue to be paused at Urban Rec. We want to assure all teams that our plan is to continue to run leagues, once the government feels it is safe to do so. Our next update will be at the beginning of May. We have tentatively announced our next season start dates to happen in June, with the hopes to complete our Summer season as soon as possible. We have also updated our refund policy to help explain our position in this horrible time. Our members support during this period means everything. 

WED 1 APRIL – THU 30 APRIL (LEAGUES CONTINUOSLY PAUSED): Todays announcement should come as no suprise that leagues continue to be paused at Urban Rec. We want to assure all teams that our plan is to continue to run leagues, once the government feels it is safe to do so. Our next update will be at the beginning of May. We have tentatively announced our next season start dates to happen in June, with the hopes to complete our Summer season as soon as possible. We have also updated our refund policy to help explain our position in this horrible time. Our members support during this period means everything. 

TUESDAY 17TH MARCH (LEAGUES PAUSED): Today, we had to make the devastating decision to pause all leagues and events for Urban Rec in Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle.  This decision comes in light of the current situation with the coronavirus COVID-19, and our deepest desire to do what is morally correct for our members and the community. We will be sending out communication to all our members on Wednesday, 01 April updating everyone of the situation at that time. 

It goes without saying that our HQ team here in Canberra - Donald and Leish and all our amazing event hosts - are deeply saddened by the news that we will not be seeing your smiling, cheerful faces at our leagues over the next few weeks.  We will be working diligently in head office (or from a home office) think-tanking and brainstorming how to make your experience absolutely exceptional when we are able to welcome you back and start social sport again!

MONDAY 16TH MARCH: If you have been travelling overseas as of midnight last night, you should be self quarantining for 14 days and and we ask you to not attend any of our leagues. At this stage, government has not closed schools or universities, but is asking all non-essential organised sporting events above 500 people to be cancelled. As our leagues and events have on average, about 30 people in attendance, we have been advised  it is bot necessary to cancel our leagues or events. 

FRIDAY 13TH MARCH: Today our Government announced advice to cancel gatherings above 500 people (this is not a ban). At this stage, they have not advised the general public to stop their usual activities like going to work, grocery shopping and attending recreational activities. With precautionary measures in place, Urban Rec activities will go ahead as scheduled and all Urban Rec policies will remain in effect including the default and refund policy.


  1. If the situation becomes extreme, and small gatherings are banned (or advised to cancel) by our government.
  2. If our venues decide to close 
  3. If we are seeing a mass amount of forfeiting games, we may decide to pause leagues. 

In any case, if we do decide to pause leagues, we will ensure your games are played when it is safe and appropriate to do so. We will reschedule (not cancel) your games. 


That’s completely your choice, and completely acceptable. Please work with your team Captain and let them know. If your team does not have enough players, and wishes to forfeit your game, please contact us ASAP [email protected] (Forfeiting a game, means telling us with enough time to notify the opposition, please don’t leave it to the last minute and leave your opposition hanging – a default. 

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Urban Rec Sports Challenge Bingo

March 31, 2020 - 3 months ago

Well, looks like there is no sport for the next 30 days, but that doesnt mean you should stop living the Urban Rec life. We have created a FUN, challenging, and sometimes stupid, Bingo game to help you stay (slightly) fit, challenge yourself, and beat our HQ staff. 

You have a month to knock off as many of the Bingo numbers as you can. Tag us @urbanreccanberra or #urbanrecbingo and we will repost your best work. It’s not easy folks, so it could take you a while to harness some of these skills. First to finish wins FREE rego for you and a friend in our Comeback Season!

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A Message from UR HQ

March 31, 2020 - 3 months ago

Covid-19 has rocked our team and we've been missing you over the past few weeks. We asked the HQ team about what Urban Rec means to them, how they started with Urban Rec, how they’re feeling about our current situation and their hopes for the future.

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Covid-19 Urban Rec Canberra
Mar 15

Covid-19 Urban Rec Canberra

March 15, 2020 - 4 months ago

We understand that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) is causing concern and uncertainty among the community. We are diligently following the advice of Department of Health (Australian Government) and ACT Health as to new measures we should take.

The Australian Government has announced advice to cancel gatherings above 500 people. At this stage, they have not advised the general public to stop their usual activities like going to work, grocery shopping and attending recreational activities. 

With precautionary measures in place, Urban Rec activities will go ahead as scheduled and all Urban Rec policies will remain in effect including the default and refund policy. If the situation becomes extreme, and small gatherings are banned (or advised to cancel) by our government, we will ensure your games are played when it is safe and appropriate to do so. 

This is a fast moving situation, it’s something that’s new to all of us. We will continue to do everything we can to keep you healthy by following all health advice provided to us by the above agencies. 

Urban Rec would like to advise the steps we are taking to ensure you stay healthy at Urban Rec Events. 

  • If you are sick, have a cough or any fever symtoms we ask that you do not attend Urban Rec events.
  • If you have been in Contact with anyone who has tested positive to Covid-19 within the past 2-weeks or somone who is currently being tested we ask you not to attend Urban Rec events. 
  • If you don't want to shake hands at the end of the game, we understand - a fun and friendly toe-tap is a great way to show your thanks - or a virtual high-five. 
  • We will be making sure work with our venues and keep everything hygienic and clean.
  • All our venues have hand washing basins and soap we highly recommened you wash your hands pre and post game. 
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Updated smoke policy 2020

January 7, 2020 - 6 months ago

We are in the midst of an unprecedented situation in Canberra with the current smoke haze and plumes. This is something completely unfamiliar to us and we have worked hard to come up with a policy and procedures that put or players and staff’s health first whilst still trying to get the games your teams have registered for played while also working with the availabilty of venues. 

Our priority is making sure you get the amount of games in the season that you registered for (Usually 10). In a situation like this where some games may not be played due to smoke this may mean we need to be creative, as some of our bookings with venues have strict time frames. If you miss games due to smoke your team may need to play a double header or in extreme circumstances if multiple games are postponed due to smoke we may need to play make up games on another night of the week. We will always try our best to make sure we come up with a solution that works for your team. 

If in extreme circumstances your team cannot be scheduled and play the games you registered for we will refund you for the games not played. 

Here’s how we will be handling smoke in 2020. Please note this policy is for outdoor sports, indoor sports will go ahead as usual unless you hear otherwise. 

  • Firstly and most importantly if your team does not feel comfortable playing in the conditions but you have been advised that games are going ahead, let us know via email [email protected] or phone 0412088498 (preferably with as much notice as possible) and we will then do everything we can to reschedule your game in the upcoming weeks, there will be no forfeit or default fees but we ask you give us as much notice as possible so we can organise a game for your opposition. Please do not let us know via the captains chat as we will endeavour to get your opposition a game and it causes confusion. 
  • For the foreseeable future, whilst the smoke conditions are unpredictable, we will be communicating to the Captains Chats on whether games are going ahead that night. We will endeavour to make the first call by 3pm. 
  • We use this website to monitor AQI https://canberraair.com if the AQI is above 200 we will postpone games. [Note we use this website as the Canberra health website uses a 24 hour average scale which is different to the widely used and trusted AQI Index. The numbers on the CBR website are always extremely high compared to other sites you can read more about this here
  • We have been seeing two types of smoke in the ACT, the haze which sits around and the plume of smoke that comes in predominately at night with an easterly wind. When this plume comes in we deem it hazardous and unsafe to play and we will postpone games. The plumes are much harder to predict and we will not postpone games if a plume is predicted as we found last year it often didn’t eventuate. If a plume does arrive we will postpone games and will message the captains chat immediately, followed with an email to all players.
  • If games are postponed we will try our hardest to get your new schedule to you within 2 days. 

If you have heart, lung or any health condition that may be affected by smoke we recommend you consult your doctor to see if playing is right for you. 

What we learnt last year that has influenced our new policy

  •  The smoke plumes usually come in at different times of night which means that sometimes we can get early games in before the smoke goes. Getting these games in eases the pressure on us trying to get make up games in. 
  • In December last year when the AQI was under 200 and we didn’t have smoke plumes the majority of players and teams where keen to play. We always want to play so if you’re keen and it’s safe to do so we are too. Some players and teams had concerns and that’s totally fine that’s why we have made it your choice to play. If we are playing and your team has concerns just let us know as soon as possible and we will reschedule your game. 

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2019/2020 Christmas hours

November 20, 2019 - 7 months ago

Jolly Jolly times as we approach the silly season. Here is the scoop on when we are closed this year!

LAST WEEK OF PLAY 2019 – Week beginning 16th Dec

FIRST WEEK OF PLAY 2020 – Week beginning 6th Jan

UR HQ OUT OF OFFICE – Sat 21st Dec through Sun 5th Jan

Most of our leagues are programmed to finish in December and will start up in the new Summer season in January, so these dates won’t effect you and your team. BUT, If your league is scheduled to finish in the new year and is running over the Christmas break, you will have two week break. 

If your team know you will not be able to make games in the week of Mon 16th Dec or the week of Mon 6th Jan, please let your League Manager know ASAP. 

As always, check your member dashboard for your most up to date schedule!

Any questions, contact [email protected] 

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It's getting hot in here
Nov 20

It's getting hot in here

November 20, 2019 - 7 months ago

In Canberra sometimes it gets pretty hot……. heat is unlike anything else when it comes to social sport it’s hard to predict, can change rapidly and everyone has a different tolerance to heat. Unlike other weather conditions in hot weather venues will not let us reschedule our bookings so cancellations in hot weather mean we can’t guarantee a rescheduled game. 

Our policy for heat reflects how hard it is to make a call on. At the end of the day we are all adults and it’s your call in any conditions weather you play or not. 

Our heat policy 

Because most of our games are played at night and usually it cools down over the night, we do not make heat calls during the day. Heat calls are made by the teams and the host at the venue prior to the game starting. If teams and the host feel it is unsafe to play games will not be played. In hot conditions where games are played we may change the structure of the game to give you more breaks. 

As a general rule If it is over 40 degrees at the start time we do not play. 

If a game is cancelled due to heat it will be recorded as a draw. We will make every effort to reschedule the game, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Smoke Haze

We live in Bush fire country and often there is smoke around when we play. We do not cancel or postpone games due to smoke. If you have a medical condition that is affected by smoke we strongly advise you use good judgement and follow your doctor’s advice as to if you should play. 

Playing sport in the heat some solid advice

  • Stay hydrated drink plenty of water
  • Know your fitness level and take plenty of breaks 
  • Wear cool lose fitting clothes avoid dark colours 
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat
  • If you have a medical condition that may be affected by heat consult your doctor as to whether you should play. 
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Priority Rego for Summer 2020 
Nov 18

Priority Rego for Summer 2020 

November 18, 2019 - 8 months ago

We love the teams that play sport with us. Coming back and playing with us next season it means we are doing something right and you are loving what we do. 

Priority rego also helps us plan for how many teams we need to recruit for next season to make it a fun league with lots of teams to play against. 

This season we are giving returning teams an epic gift for priority registration. [Priority registration is roughly between week 7-9 of your season]

  1. A shiny new team uniform [8 x T-Shirts] once you have registered, we will send you a size and colour chart. If your team needs extra T-Shirts, they are $12 per shirt and we can add them to the order. 
  2. A $100 Naked Wines Voucher 
  3. A gift from your local Clubhouse. 

Your teams spot is also held for you until the end of priority registration. 

In the past at Urban Rec we have offered a discount with priority registration. This has changed as we cannot afford to keep providing the level of service, paying your hosts what they deserve and keep up with rising venue costs while offering these discounts. We firmly believe that our pricing is highly competitive and hope the level of service you receive with Urban Rec is second to none. We have teamed up with our partners so we can still offer you an epic gift for registering in priority. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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We're Hiring
Jun 24

We're Hiring

June 24, 2019 - one year ago

Are you the life of the party? Are you outgoing? Do you love meeting new people? Are you really organised? We have an epic job for you. 


Reporting to the Manager of Operations, the Fun Facilitator is expected to provide the ultimate experience for our members across all of our leagues and events in Canberra. As a fun facilitator you are the face of Urban Rec for our members. At the direction of the operations manager, you will be required to contribute and support leagues in the following way: 

Management of Teams

  • Manage overall experience for teams – have a familiar dialogue with participants and in particular, team captains
  • Oversee the retention of teams during our recruitment phase of the season 
  • Management of individual team experience (including providing subs for non-viable teams)

Management of Competition 

  • Manage equipment at venues and ensure everything is stocked
  • Attend season openers, ender's and social nights to ensure backend data is collected and recorded
  • Report venue issues to operations manager  
  • Support decisions about rain-out’s, defaults, and forfeits
  • Advise when to send league surveys, rule adaptations, or disciplinary communications
  • Ensure all winning teams are handed out prizing each season
  • Support of sponsor and partner initiatives

Facilitating the fun

  • Work with the operations manager to develop and execute member engagement initiatives 
  • Work with clubhouses to increase engagement  
  • Assist the operations manager with planning/Organisation and execution of events
  • Engaging members through social media

Hiring, managing, training, and supporting Event Hosts

  • Support operations manager to hire, onboard, and train Event Hosts
  • In conjunction with the operations manager manage weekly communications with event hosts 
  • Support operations manager to rate and bonus event hosts seasonally
  • Report changes to update the event Host Training
  • Performing event host roles when hosts are not available, and a replacement cannot be found 

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is outgoing and confident 
  • Has experience in sports and events 
  • Has a full driver’s license and a car
  • Is available Monday-Thursday 5pm-10pm and Sundays 3pm-6pm
  • Having experience playing with Urban Rec is a big advantage 

The role

  • This role requires you to do about 20% administration and customer service for our members, and about 80% at our league events, facilitating a fun experience.
  • This role is 15-20 hours per week. You will be required to work between 5pm-10pm Monday-Thursday and 3pm-6pm Sundays. Although you won’t be required to work these hours every night/day week to week. Being available between those times is essential. 
  • You do need to have your own car and drivers licence. 

Essential Requirements

  • Drivers Licence

Desirable Criteria

  • First Aid Certificate
  • Knowledge of a wide range of sports 
  • Events/Marketing/Sales experience 
  • Knowledge of social media

To Apply email a bit about yourself and why you would be amazing at this role plus a short CV to [email protected] or call us 0412 088 498. Applications close July 10.

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