Priority Registration Policy

One of the perks of being an Urban Rec member who is playing in a league is that you and your team get access to Priority Registration. It means you and your team can exclusively re-register at a discounted rate into the league. During this time, no other members can register (and some leagues will sell out), but once priority rego ends, any team and any member can register into the league as the normal public price. 

Priority Rego is open to teams currently playing in a league with Urban Rec,  for some leagues it means your team can register early for the next season in the priority period. The priority period is set by us, but is usually around week 6-8 of the current season.

Your Captain is exclusively responsible for using the priority registration. They will recieve an exclusive and hidden link via email when the priority registration period is open. Email correspondence will be distributed to the Captains and whole team at some point during the Priority period.

Then the priority registration does not apply. It is only applicable if you are continuting to play in the same league and location. 

No, the early entry perk  is only applicable to the team and Captain who registered from the previous season. If your team is remaining the same, but your Captain is changing or leaving, email us to come up with a solution. [email protected]  

After this time, the league is then open for the general public, and other Urban Rec members and teams to join.  

Sorry, when times up, times up! We cannot reverse time. You might still be able to register into the league as usual, if there is a spot open you will need to pay the full registration fees. (If you have already collected money from your team, sorry! You will have to sort it out among the team). 

Yes, You can put down a $150 deposit during Priority and it will secure your team spot for next season. If you cannot put down minimum a deposit, then we will not be able to hold your spot for you. 

You sure can. Your Captain will be responsible for it, just like any other Captain. You cannot register as individuals though, you need to register using the team registration option. (obviously). 

No. The priority rego is exclusively for current teams, which is why you were unable to access the payment area. The explanation of this is also outlined on the registration page. Once the registration is open to new teams, you will need to pay the total registration fee. Don’t worry, you and your team will be eligible next season.