Hockey Rules - J-Ball (Hockey 6s)

  1. THE OBJECT OF THE GAME is to outscore your opponent by scoring more goals than your opposition.
  2. DURATION OF THE GAME: Games will consist of three (3) 12 minute periods with no time on, with 2min rest intervals between periods. No clock stoppages will be made except under exceptional circumstances. Such circumstance will be at the sole discretion of the UR Staff.
  3. THE COURT: The court will be approximately 22m wide and 43m long and will be surrounded by court barriers so the ball is always in play.
  4. THE TEAM The number of players required on the court, for this league is six (6). 
    • Only Six (6) players allowed on the field at any one time.
    • There must be a minimum of two (2) Males, and two (2) Females on the field always. 
    • This league requires your team to have a minimum of four (4) players, including one Male or Female to start the game
    • Please consider our Default, Forfeit, and Substitute Policy 
  5. SUBSTITUTIONS can be made at any time during the game.
    • 6 players per team on the court- 2 players in each zone (Attack, Midfield and Defense)
    • Goals only scored from the “Attack Zone”
    • No designated goalkeepers
    • Ball must always stay on the ground (unless it’s a shot at goal).
    • Stick must stay low – no lifting your stick above your knee.
    • Use either side of the stick to push the ball and/or score a goal - Don’t use your foot intentionally
    • Play fair and clean – only tackle with your stick. No intentional body contact.
    • Free hits- either play on or pass to a teammate. 
    • Defenders must be 3m away. 
    • The host will initiate Rock-Paper-Scissors to see which team begins with the ball.
    • At a centre pass to start the match, all players will start in their designated zones, with the midfield players starting in their defensive half before the first pass.
    • The centre pass must be backwards.
    • Each time a goal is scored, the team conceding the goal shall re-start the game from the centre of the field, with a centre pass (as above).
    • Teams will change sides after each period and will alternate who starts each period. 
    •  J-Ball is a non-contact sport. Players are encouraged to use their sticks only to play the ball at all times. 
    • For player safety, sticks should not be lifted above knee height at any time. 
    • Players may not swing to hit the ball- only pushing the ball is allowed. The ball is in the air... The ball can’t be intentionally played in the air, except if it is a shot on goal (in which case it can’t be higher than knee height). If the ball is raised higher than this – a free hit will be paid to the opposition.
    • The Stick & Ball. Players may use either side of the stick to push the ball and/or score. Scoring is easy- only the “Attack” players can score goals from the Attack zone. 
    • The ball hit my foot... If you meant it – a free hit will be awarded to the opposition, if you didn’t mean it – PLAY ON. The umpire will decide if the hit was intentional. Goal scored by foot will not count. 
    • Can I tackle? Yes, but only using your stick to attack the ball. Intentional body contact is not allowed. Only one opposition player can tackle another player at a time. 
    • What happens when the ball goes over the barrier? If the ball goes over the court barriers, a penalty hit is awarded against the team that touched the ball last. Penalty hit can be taken 1m in field from where it went over the barriers, including the baseline. 
    • What happens when a rule is broken? Easy – A Free Hit is awarded to the opposing team.
    • What happens when there is a free hit? 
    • Offense players: Can either pass to a team-mate or play on. 
    • Defense players: Must be 3m from the free hit when it is taken, unless when less than 3m from their own goal. In this case, one defensive player can stand on the goal line.
  10. WINNING TEAM The winner is the team with the greater number of goals at the end of the game. A draw will be awarded if both teams have an equal amount of goals. The winning team receives 3 points, 1 point each for drawn game and no points for a loss. Your Fun Points will affect your position on the standings. If two teams are matched on competition points, the team with the higher fun points rating will be favoured up the ladder. 
  11. FAIRPLAY SYSTEM Each league night you will have an Event Host onsite, but these guys are not official referees. Urban Rec is a recreational league which practices a fair-play and fun-first policy, meaning you should be making your own calls on the game. The Event Host will be there to make the calls not made by individuals, keep time, and help guide the games within the game play rules. The Urban Rec Event Host has the final say on any issue that cannot be self-resolved.
  12. SPORTSMANSHIP All Urban Rec participants have read and agreed to the Urban Rec Code of Conduct. We also exercise a strict Disciplinary Policy. If you are seen to be rude in any way or not playing within the respect of the rules and Code of Conduct, you will be asked by the Urban Rec Staff to sub out of the game. If after returning to the game your attitude does not improve you will be asked to leave the venue, and an assessment will be made if you can play again. We do not tolerate idiots. Play fair.