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The FUN-DAMENTALS of social sport
Jun 3

The FUN-DAMENTALS of social sport

June 3, 2021 - one year ago

Urban Rec prides itself on being the most social, sports club in Canberra, meaning there are a few things that separate us from the rest, more competitive sports leagues. These 5 FUN-damentals are what keep Urban Rec and social sport social, fun & accessible to everyone.

PLAY TO HAVE FUN, NOT TO WIN! Now, this is pretty self-explanatory but for the people in the back, do not turn up with the mindset you are there to smash your opposition on the scoreboard. DO turn up with the mindset that you are going to smash your opposition with friendly (reciprocated) banter and good times.

BE THE TEAM YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAINST! Again, say it out loud! If you want to rock up and play against a team that is always smiling, laughing, having fun and not taking the sport too seriously (you should because it is social sport) then be that team for everyone else.

DON’T TAKE SOCIAL SPORT, OR YOURSELF, TOO SERIOUSLY! Have fun with the game, have fun with your team, have fun with your opposition & have fun with your host! Miss a shot? Laugh it off. Didn’t get an intercept? Ahh well. The other team learning? Yeah cool, lets help them! It is social sport people, have fun with it.

LEARN THE ART OF LETTING THINGS GO! Urban Rec are welcoming to all levels, beginners to experts (actual experts or self-proclaimed experts). If your opposition is learning, let them learn, you were learning once too. If someone accidently steps out and it wasn’t called, yeah cool, whatever, let the game flow. This goes hand in hand with number 3, it is just sport, let it go and get on with it with a smile on your face.

REMEMBER, YOUR HOSTS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! BOOM, the most important FUN-damental! Your hosts are there to facilitate the FUN not call you for every single rule and not to be yelled at or argued with. They are there to have fun with the teams, a fun way to be around sport and people, not to have people tell them they are not ‘umpiring’ or ‘reffing’ enough. They are not refs, they are not umpires, they are hosts, hosting the Urban Rec party each week!

Just a few reminders for the social sport world, simple, easy and effective. Be fun people, have fun, make friends, laugh, enjoy yourself! That is what Urban Rec is all about, the good times, good mates & good beats.

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