The UR Draft

what is the ur draft?

Our Urban Rec Draft is a process used to provide free access for registered individual players to join eligible teams.

With each Individual registration, your seasonal pass gives you access to something we call “The Draft” – the Draft is a list of individual teams that have spots available (for free) for you to join. The Draft is updated every week (Tuesday 5pm) with all the teams that have spots newly available. To have your name added to a team's roster from the Draft all you need to do is email your league manager. You will then be introduced to your second team(s) just the same as you are now.

Eligible Draftees, must be an active individual player in the current season and nominate themselves to be Drafted into a team of your choosing​​​​​​ from the Draft...for FREE

Unlike the subs page, you will be placed onto the roster of your team for the entire duration of the season. 

The below draft allows you to choose a sport, location, and team that suits you. All you need to do is contact your league manager to get added to the team roster, FOR FREE. Just another perk we are excited to offer as part of our individual registration. 

The draft-list is always “live” throughout the season and subject to change when a team becomes available. Drafted players are expected to commit to an entire season with the team. Spots are filled on a first-in best-dressed basis. We do our best to remove the team from this page as soon as the position is filled but we don’t work 24/7 so we can’t guarantee the spot.  Also Note: you cannot register in a league you are already playing in. 


Will be updated soon.… stay tuned folks.