Urban Rec Skill Levels

For all skill levels, the goal of playing in the league is to have fun and play sports. Good sportsmanship is essential, and open communication and camaraderie between teams is encouraged.

The utilisation of questionable tactics that involve gamesmanship is prohibited from Urban Rec leagues. Urban Rec leagues are self-officiated, meaning that players should err on the side of good sportsmanship to govern their behaviour on and off the playing surface when at Urban Rec leagues. Teams that place competitiveness above good sportsmanship are NOT encouraged to register for Urban Rec, and teams that engage in such behaviour may be suspended or expelled from Urban Rec leagues.


Teams registering at the recreational skill level should be comprised primarily of players who are new to the game or are returning to the game after a prolonged absence. The average player on a recreational team will have a basic understanding and ability of the skills involved, but may have not had much practice actually playing. Players may have little or no knowledge of the rules (but will be required to learn the Urban Rec version of the rules for the sport they are registering for).


Teams registering for any Intermediate leagues, should be teams who have played in the recreational league, and feel confident in playing against top tier teams for a more highly skilled or competitive game. The average player on an intermediate team will have a good understanding and ability of the skills involved. Players should have a very good knowledge of the rules, but also an understanding that Urban Rec rules do differ to other clubs and associations.